Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wallkill & Patterson

Our Wallkill room

Breakfast the first day with the Wrights and Bartletts
Friends we met from New Jersey Chinese (and Japanese cong).
We were always making friends in the hallways
These brothers wanted to hang with us and share their Hawaiian stories.

Ronnie gave us a personal tour
Here's another brother from Hawaii!
And another... Brother Tuzan
Brother Rutherford's Bible and his shorthand notes

the colors are actually tiny dots
They are called signatures. The paper is a thousand dollars!
Ronnie even knows how many signatures should be in each direction! And she works in HVAC!

Everything in Wallkill gets recycled... except for this.
hand bindery
Ronnie's HVAC team (far left corner)
Ronnie's desk
The Cafeteria
Lunch with The Wrights and Bartletts. Krista's guests are from her hometown.
Wallkill's temp work

Watchtower's Fire Dept.

There are 8 firefighters that meet once a week. They have other jobs.
Black Angus Beef
Wallkill's kitchen
Eric gave us a tour of the kitchen
Point taken!
Krista and Corban's new assignment: Video and Media Production
They document any developments going on
Daniel Rice works with donated properties... in Hawaii!
My fave breakfast. My first soft boiled eggs.
Kui, another Hawaiian dude. He's been here for 1 year!

Tiffany's dept, the Hand Bindery
Mike's dept, he is in charge of keeping the power on for Wallkill, he is also one of the 8 firemen
The Wright's Congregation, Catskill (1:15 min. drive)
Sharing about the Chuukese (Micronesia) cong. in Hawaii
Other bethelites in Catskill Cong. Tonight is one of their last nights.
Patterson with Eric
Patterson's lobby


Patterson's Kitchen
We had lunch as guests
Props used for illustrations
They have to be as historically accurate as possible
GB room
Our tour group
Rob, our tour guide (left) and Sentry Wong from Hawaii (right)
Brother (& sister) Oshiro now assigned to Patterson from Hawaii
Brother Oshiro's office room
Debi Ponce is in charge of all the pioneers... maybe in the world?
"I love pioneers! I just wanna hug you!"
She's a lovable character
this dept. is going paperless!
Eric's former kitchen boss is now in charge of Circuit Overseer's dealings
The illustrations are all over the buildings. Some are very emotional!
Dinner at the Wrights with Eric and the Bittings
Jesse Young, nephew of the late Rod Young from Hawaii. He is in the same cong. as the Wrights.
Ronnie and Rick
Our last day
GB launching pad
Wallkill's lobby
This was my first time coming through here (on the last day). I thought Bldg B lobby was the lobby!
We really enjoyed our four days in Wallkill.

I told Gary we might as well go home now. I don't think Brooklyn can top Wallkill! LOL!!!

Rick, Ronnie and Eric made it so memorable!

Off to Brooklyn!!!